What’s on NightSingersSong’s MP3 player?

“Oh She will bring the buds in Spring
And laugh among the flowers.”
The Ladies Bransle
Gwydion Pendderwen

This is a feature that I will put up every now and again when I feel like it. You may notice that I don’t say “iPod” that’s because I don’t own one. And won’t. I’m anti-Apple, but that’s a long story for another time.

So, what is on NightSingersSong’s MP3 player? Well you, generally speaking, won’t find any music to speak of unless it is attached to something to which I am listening. I found with my first MP3 player that listening to music on it annoys me no end. I don’t know why I was always the Walkman kind when I was younger, but I guess it has grown old. I still love music, just not that portably for some reason.

So what’s actually there? I have a few episodes of Coast to Coast Am. I like the show, sometimes it is a little conservative for my taste, but some of the things talked about are very interesting.

Darkly Fey. It’s the darker side of Fey, a pretty good Pagan Podcast.

Edge of Circle, Infinite and Beyond, Pagan Spirituality Today, Paranormal Podcast and the Wigglian Way.

All of those are Pagan Podcasts, except for Paranormal Podcast (which is sort of a Ghost hunting etc podcast). Support your favorite Pagan Podcasts! I really am enjoying The Wigglian Way. I like Mojo, he sounds like an old hippy, and I think he would be a cool guy to know.

Well, that’s what’s on my MP3 player as I type this.

~ by nightsinger on July 1, 2009.

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