Pagan Solidarity

Pagan Solidarity


Is there a name for what’s wrong with you?



“Who are you to wave your finger?

You must have been out your head.”


“The Pot”




The other night I was listening to a podcast, one of my favorite pass times, as you may know.  The podmistress was speaking of various things when she began to speak of a topic that annoyed me greatly. I appears that someone with a well loved podcast came under attack by another would be podcaster. This young upstart came upon the established podcaster’s forum and said that she was a terrible podcaster and that she should stop podcasting, with of course a link to her show site.


This annoys me. Allow me to paint you a picture of when such behavior might be acceptable. If there were only allowed to be 5 Pagan podcasts at any given time. This might be acceptable behavior in that case, but only if the podcast is really bad, has no listeners, etc. But you know what? The net is a big wide open place and there is plenty of room for podcasts. Pagan and otherwise.


Now back to the title of this little chapter of my blog.  Pagan Solidarity. Stop the witch wars people. As you probably know, I live in the little town of Misery Falls, Ohio (No matter what town I live in, it’s Misery Falls). Misery Falls is near the city of Dayton,  sometimes more south, sometimes more east, but always near. There is something about this area of Ohio and maybe Ohio itself. We have a lot of Pagans here. Really. It is hard to walk down the street without tripping over one. Ok, I exaggerate, a little. But there are a lot of us around. With our numbers, we could really be a force for positive change, or, we could just hang out and not hate on each other. There is a lot of hating going on. I’ve seen it. It’s uncalled for.


I was part of a group once. We had some people (I’m not going to go into who they were, it’s not important) who came, joined our group, did rituals with us, broke bread with us, with the express purpose in mind of causing a schism and stealing our members while trying to form their own group. Had they said to us “We are going to start another group, a study group.” (Our group was pretty social and not terribly serious.) that would have been fine. No, that would have been awesome. We would have had some people who really just wanted a very serious group who would have left out group, the majority of us would probably have ended up doing both groups and some would have not really been interested in the serious group and stayed with the original group.


Of course while that’s the way things could have been, no. These people decided to slander the leaders of this group in a bid to steal the members. What could have been a beautiful thing ended up in a bit of tragedy. Hurt feelings all around. And so it goes.


In culmination, this is what I want to say. Stop. We are all Pagans (I mean of course the ones of us who are Pagans, I know that there are some reading this (“Hi Mkwa!”) that are not, I’m not really counting you) . We don’t all have to agree on everything, in fact, it would be really annoying if we did. But for the love of the Gods we should be able to get along. Let’s not let stupid ideological differences get in the way of our sameness. Lets not end up like certain Christan Sects that think that (and I’m not bashing here, this is true!) other certain Christian sects are evil and wrong.


Well, the hour is late and I have to be up early. I will try to get in another entry before Thanksgiving, maybe that ritual that has been percolating in the back of my head.


~ by nightsinger on November 24, 2009.

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