The Hunt

“If there’s something strange,

“In the neighborhood,

“Who you gonna call?”

Ray Parker Jr.

We don’t do that. We are Paranormal Investigators, not Busters of Ghosts, we only do the hunt. We may make some suggestions, but we don’t walk around with unlicensed nuclear accelerators strapped to our backs. All that being said of course, we do enjoy the hunt, even (especially?) when things get spooky.

On our last hunt, it was interesting. We met at a restaurant, The China Cottage. A pretty big group that night, several new people, 2 of special note. I’ve forgotten their names, but they were…annoying. The one was not so bad, mostly just a quiet guy. The other guy kept extolling his own psychic virtues and bor…er, entertaining us with these outlandish stories of his accomplishments, which I will not go into.

After dinner we all headed out to the bridge at New Burlington. New Burlington was a town before the Corps of Engineers built Ceaser’s Creek lake. The place is very haunted.  Many fascinating pictures have been taken there.

I will retell this as best I can from my memory.

When we got there we almost immediately went to the other bridge that is there. Much wandering about was done, many pictures were taken. Psychic impressions were felt. Lots of orbs were seen (in pictures). You can go either way with orbs, so take that as you will.

We went back to the big bridge and stood around for a while. After a bit I invited Karmen (and you can correct me if I am wrong on the spelling of your name Karmen (Carmin? Carmen?)) to go down the road with me to the cemetery. Well, we walked and walked and walked. It was a much longer road than I had any idea. A mile apparently. We finally got to the cemetery and my phone rang. It was Cyndi. Everyone had left her there alone. We headed back.

A bit later I called Cyndi and told her that she was welcome to sit in Karmen’s car. Cyndi said she was walking up to meet us. As we were walking we could see off  in the distance a light. We thought it must be Cyndi heading towards us with a flashlight. As we got further though, this dark figure coalesced out of the darkness and it was Cyndi.

As we walked back, she told us her tale (and please correct any mistakes or feel free to elaborate on this Cyndi). 2 of the hunters had left because of the cold. Leaving Cyndi alone with those 2 guys. The verbose one started talking about demons and it was creeping Cyndi out, so she grounded and shielded and they left immediately and she was alone. The splashing started (this is a phenomenon we have encountered out there before, it is as if something is throwing really big rocks into the water) and this creeped Cyndi out further, being alone, and so she started walking to ward us. Then she heard a car door open and close.

Well, we got to the cars and the door that was opened was mine. I could tell this because the dome light was on because that door was not all the way closed. My car had been closed up and locked. We walked past it to get out to the cemetery and that light was off.

When we got back to the cars we took pictures of my car and interesting orbs were around it. I’ll submit the pictures here, I just realized that I never posted them. After that we stayed around for a while, but things seemed to subside. The extreme cold then drove us home.

I almost forgot the disfiguring scar. Ok, that’s a bit of an overstatement. On our way home Cyndi began to complain of a pain on her leg. There was a very nasty “z” shaped scratch on her leg. It had somehow appeared under 2 pairs of pants. Pants there were not damaged at all in getting this scratch. No pulled threads or anything.

A shot in the dark. One other thing. On her way toward us, Cyndi heard the sound of a rifle shot, loud and clear. She did not think much of it until she asked me about it. I didn’t hear it at all. I don’t believe Karmen did either (though once again, correct me if I am wrong please). A shot like that should have been heard by us all.


~ by nightsinger on December 21, 2009.

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